What is life is what you see yourself as…happiness and sadness are both the consequence of the path you have choose. Life can either be complete or in complete. Let yourself complete it…before it gets completed when you’re still undone




opposite attracts

If you’re quite young and even if it’s your first relationship, you definitely be wanting your girl to be the hottest, so that every other friend or your same age hoodies would see you as ‘THE GUY’. And after the first popular kiss and onward events things wont last like the same. Very after the breakup the morsel that you managed to glopped in, with the sting of pain in the heart and un-wanting tears, that just couldn’t drop down from the eyes that doesn’t exist no more. The beast has come out, a man would say revolutionary power, my insight, the gust no longer stops me, cause I am the ‘CHOCOLATE BOY’


1,2,3 Come to me

3,4,5 makes me feel alive

6,7,8 This ain’t all the same

9 and 10 Cant go to hell

I am a MAN! now, my world my destiny…my work my desperation. I was Born to rule, I wont die that easy. I know I am powerful BUT!!

I am n powerless without you. Your my women, my exertion,my tiredness……. my hunger my desperation rest with your sole.